Tooting My Horn – American Graphic Design Award Winner

I just wanted to share some exciting news with everyone.  I’m a recipient of a Graphic Design USA American Graphic Design Award for the brochure/viewbook that I designed for the Golden Gate Railroad Museum showcasing the museum and events for 2010.

The American Graphic Design Awards is our four decade old flagship competition, and is open to everyone in the graphic arts community – graphic design firms, advertising agencies, inhouse corporate and institutional designers, publishers and other media. Each year, roughly 1,000 pieces representing all media appear in the printed Design Annual and online on the website. 

Sadly, GDUSA recently redesigned their website and the link to the various awards has disappeared.  Oh well.

This is the second time I’ve received this award for pieces that I’ve submitted and I have to say that it’s just as exciting this time as it was the first time to find out that I’m a published and award winning designer.  Okay, enough about me.  Anyway… you’ll see a couple pictures of the magazine and the entry.  Also, I’ve uploaded the actual brochure if you’re interested in taking a look at it.

Download this file



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