KLM Seatmates

KLM MD-11 Taking Off

KLM MD-11 Taking Off

Looks like traveling on KLM may soon become more visually appealing according to the airline.  KLM is introducing a brand new way by bringing online social networking into the real world.  USA Today wrote that KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is planning on letting their passengers choose their seats using either Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.

When passengers check in online, they will be able to view other passengers’ profiles and select their seats (possibly for professional networking or a new badge in the mile-high club).  However, making your profile publicly available will be completely optional – so you can avoid the random weirdo or having an annoying person trying to get you to hire them.  This option is expected to be available sometime in 2012.

Along the same lines, Malaysia Airlines is reportedly releasing a ‘check in’ style service on Facebook that lets passengers see if any of their friends are taking the same flight at the same time.

Finally, Alaska Airlines has introduced a Facebook application titled “FlyingSocial with Alaska Airlines.”  This application shows the location of all your listed Facebook friends and how much it would cost to fly to visit them on a specific date. 

The airlines are trying new things with social media, so let’s see what happens next.


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