Help IT GETS BETTER – The Theater Project come to life

Just under two years ago when Dan Savage first used the phrase “It Gets Better,” little did anyone, including myself, know where that simple phrase would lead us to today.  Since then countless videos from hundreds of groups and individuals from around the entire globe have stated “it gets better” for those who are feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders.  For anyone struggling with coming out or just even figuring out who they are, it is challenging.  Many of us remember back when we started blossoming and becoming an individual on our own, without taking the thoughts and words of those who raised us for actual fact.  We started thinking outside the box and becoming the person we were intended to be.  Many of us had the support of our friends and family that told us we could be anything we wanted, reach for the stars and don’t stop until we get there.

Well, it isn’t always that easy for many GLBT youth and that’s where the It Gets Better campaign comes in.  Dan Savage and many other individuals have spent countless hours building this resource for youth so that they too know that someone out there is thinking of them.  Even when they feel that they are the only individual on the entire planet.

Fast forward to today.  Currently the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles is putting together IT GETS BETTER – The Theater Project.  Basically, It Gets Better will bring the experience and message of the online It Gets Better Project™ to new communities and audiences by blending music, theater, and multimedia into a new work for the stage. At each stop of the show’s U.S. national tour (with a focus on communities where the It Gets Better message is most needed), performances will be presented in tandem with a weeklong series of community outreach activities to strengthen local LGBT support networks.

But, they can’t do this without our help, so they started a Kickstarter campaign to help support the cause.  Take a moment and watch the video below which explains more about the IT GETS BETTER – The Theater Project.  Please join me and almost 200 other individuals (so far) raise the funds needed for this project.  We have ten more days to go.  The goal is $75,000 and it’s currently at just over $38,000.  If you feel motivated to be a part of this great opportunity, click  here on Kickstarter.


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