Alaska Airlines Announces New Seats

In Seattle today, Alaska Airlines announced that they are introducing new seats designed by Recaro Aircraft Seating. The new seats will be installed on Alaska Airlines’ 22 new Boeing 737-900ER aircraft scheduled to for delivery starting this fall and continuning through 2014.

Economy Seating

“Recaro’s clever design includes a comfortable yet slimmer seatback and bottom and a literature pocket located above the tray table. That means our main cabin customers will enjoy more than an inch of extra legroom with our existing spacing between each row of seats,” said Joe Sprague, 

Alaska Airlines’ vice president of marketing. “The new seats add to a very special onboard experience that all of our customers flying Alaska’s new 737-900ERs will enjoy, including Boeing’s Sky Interior—with its improved lighting and sculpted overhead bins that create a more spacious cabin.”

The lighter seat will save an estimated 8,000 gallons of fuel annually per aircraft. Alaska’s first class cabin on its 737-900ERs will feature a different premium Recaro seat with five inches of recline, an articulating seat bottom and a six-way adjustable headrest.


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