Keeping Travelers Entertained

Whether you travel by air all the time or not-so-often, we are all used to the safety demonstration that is given by the flight attendants prior to departure. Some airlines perform these demos “old-school” with the flight attendants doing the demonstrations themselves, while other airlines take advantage of the video equipment available on board to show a video demo.

That being said, over the last number of years, we’ve seen a handful of unique and creative video demonstrations from airlines like Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air Lines and Virgin America. Perhaps one of the most famous videos was made by Delta a few years back that included, the now famous, finger wave. Over the last couple of days, we’ve had the chance to see two new safety videos released by Delta Air Lines and today, Virgin America.

Delta has released a few new versions of the last couple of months and the one that was released this last week was for the holiday season. Now, in true Virgin America fashion, they released their brand new safety demonstration and as you can watch below, it’s exactly that Virgin America feeling that we’ve come to know and love. What makes the Virgin America demo even more spectacular is that it was produced by Virgin Productions, so it truly is a Virgin produced product.

Thanks Delta and Virgin America for keeping the traveling public entertained, even if it just for a couple minutes. One last thing, thanks Virgin for your catchy little tune.


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