Starting 2014!

Many of us, including myself, are happy to see a new year begin.  Time to put away the things of the past and keep heading into the future.  Myself, like many of you, are also setting goals for the upcoming year as well.  So in keeping in fashion with the start of the new year, here are some of the items I intend to accomplish during 2014.

Completing my Bachelor’s degree.  Spoke to my Academic Advisory a few weeks ago and they finally updated my Program Evaluation to reflect the changes to the program.  Yes, I found out I have two more classes that I now need, but this evaluation is much better.  Anyway… there is a small light at the end of the tunnel.

More fitness focused. I want to make it a point to become more fitness focused.  Whether that means cycling more often, heading to the gym more frequently or just getting out and walking.

Eating Better.  I’ve made some improvements in my diet, but now it’s time to take it up a notch because my body has become comfortable with the level that it is at now.  Time to change that up.

Making More Time.  Yes, that one might sound a little odd, but I need to make more time for things.  More time to write in my journal.  More time to write a post or two here. So maybe not so much that I need to make more time, I just need to make more time for myself.

Launch My Project.  I have a relatively large project that I’m presently working on.  While I’m not ready to announce exactly what it is, I’m putting a great deal of effort into it and I want to see it really come to life over the course of this year.

Refrain from Negativity. 2013 proved to be a challenge in this department, but then the issues were resolved. While it was a hard path to travel down, some times various elements are better out of your life instead of part of your life.  That was a huge mindset that I had to shift and it was difficult, especially when I was striving to be the good friend.  Anyway… that being said, it’s better to stay away from someone/thing negative instead of trying to resolve it and attempt to fix the issue.

I think that these are some great goals for me for this coming year.  Stay tuned and we’ll see how well I do in the coming months.


One thought on “Starting 2014!

  1. I think those are all very commendable things Michael! I fully support you from across the US! Cheers to you! I should have convinced you to be an author on my blog so I would have posts! ha!

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